Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Release This Year

2015’s Star Wars Battlefront left a lot to be desired. It’s not necessarily a bad game, but it does not live up to what Battlefront used to be. EA and DICE realize that and will fix that in the upcoming sequel.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson, stated in a recent earnings call that the next Battlefront game will be released this holiday season. It will feature a new single player campaign mode as well.

“There will be new ways to play, including an all-new single-player campaign, and much, much more that we are excited to share with our player in the months ahead,” Wilson stated.

Wilson also mentioned that the game will be bigger, have more locations, and more characters that span across multiple Star Wars stories. It’s safe to say Rogue One and The Force Awakens will for sure be included in this one. Check out the statement to shareholders to see for yourself.

What do you want to see most in the next Star Wars Battlefront game?

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New Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer

Bioware really didn’t have anything to show off for the upcoming sci-fi epic. They say that we will get more information this fall so look forward to that.

The new trailer is nice though. It really gives you the feel that Bioware is really going back to the roots of Mass Effect when it comes to exploring. There are even a couple of scenes featuring the Mako! That’s enough to get me excited, really. Check out the trailer below.

Mass Effect Andromeda is expected to launch March of 2017.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Will Come Out in 2017

Battlefront 2 will feature “bigger and better worlds,” EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said during an earnings call today. The game will also feature content from the new movies so expect to see stuff from Episode VII. The first game only featured content from the original trilogy.

Jorgensen also said that EA plans to release a new Star Wars game every year for the next three to four years. He also confirmed that the Star Wars action game from the Dead Space developers, Visceral, will be coming out next year as well. The third-person action adventure Star Wars game from Titanfall developers, Respawn, was mentioned, but with no planned release window.

With all of that info being dropped in one day, it sounds like we will have plenty of Star Wars video games to keep us busy between movies. I just hope Battlefront 2 is a major improvement.

Source: Gamespot

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DICE is Now Moving on to Working on the Next Battlefield Game

DICE’s development director tweeted recently that he will be moving on to the project since Star Wars Battlefront is now done.

Work is still being done for Battlefront DLC and such, but the team will now start to focus on the next true Battlefield installment.

Others on twitter, including myself, have already been a bit concerned. DICE has handled the Battlefield series pretty well for the most part aside from Battlefield 4 being a bit buggy, but you just have to wonder if it will be a true Battlefield game and not super casual like Battlefront is. Only time will tell.

The next Battlefield is slated for a holiday 2016 release.

Source: IGN

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Here Are Some Awesome New Details on the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

The beta will be open for four days on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 8th-October 12th. There will be three different game modes to chose from: Walker Assault, Drop Zone, and Survival Mission. Walker Assault and Survival Mission will require a internet connection to play, but if you want to get some couch co-op fun, then you can start up Survival Mission.

A leveling system will also be included. You can level your character up to level 5, but sadly that progression doesn’t carry over to the full game in November. There will be some in game items and such you can unlock for the final game though.

The best part about this news is you do not have to register or pre-order anything. When the beta goes live next month, all you have to do in download the application, and play.

The full Star Wars: Battlefront game come out November 17, 2015

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Oh Hey, Need for Speed is Coming Back

EA released a teaser trailer for the next iteration of the franchise. Despite rumors of it being NFS: Underground 3, EA decided to drop the number and completely reboot the whole NFS franchise.

Not much else is known outside of the trailer, but EA says the game “will feature deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game.” I don’t know about you all but it sounds like this is as close to a good “Fast and Furious” game that we will ever get. We shall know more by the time E3 rolls around next month.

Need For Speed will be on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here is the trailer: