This Version of Mario is so Unreal

A developer named Aryoksini recently uploaded a video of Mario wondering around in a world built from the Unreal Engine. The results are fantastic. It’s interesting to see a mush more realistic take on Mario. Aryoksini even showcases a more colorful environment for some, like myself, who couldn’t take the colorful Mario in such a realistic world. Check out the video below.

His YouTube channel about section says that he is available for hiring. Somebody hire this guy immediately!

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Reminder: Club Nintendo For North America Ends Tomorrow

Go use your coins!

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If you live in North America and have been pushing off using your coins, you better get on it. While it isn’t news that Nintendo’s reward program, Club Nintendo, would be closing down, few may remember that it is happening tomorrow, June 30th.

Not only is it your last time to use your saved coins, but it will be the last time Club members can access their account — if you grab some last-minute rewards today, make sure to jot down the download key on a piece of paper.

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What Are ya Playin’ this Weekend?

It’s finally here again gamers! It’s the weekend! Hopefully you are able to get some good playing time in.

what are ya playin deus ex

I will be be revisiting Deus Ex Human Revolution. I recently bought the directors cut from the Steam Summer Sale and it feels like a whole new game on PC. My excitement for Mankind Divided got me back into playing this fantastic cyber-punk first person rpg. I may even stream some of it so be on the look out.

I will also be playing Heroes of the Storm quite a bit as well. Hopefully I can break my losing streak…

Okay, so that’s enough about me, what about you? What are you playing this weekend?

What are ya Playin’ This Weekend?

The weekend is finally here again and hopefully you’re able to get plenty of game time in. 
I will be getting back into Destiny after being on hiatus for a quite a while. I’m excited to experience all of the changes Bungie has implemented. I will also be trying to finish up The Witcher 3. (I know I’m being slow but there’s so much to do!)

That’s enough about me, what about you? What games are you playing this weekend? Sound off in the comments below. 

Killer Instinct is Coming to PC


At the E3 PC gaming event, Phil Spencer of Xbox announced that Killer Instinct will be appearing on PC. The game will also feature cross-play so Xbox One gamers can play with PC gamers.

This is pretty good news since I’ve been interested in trying out the new K.I. since I do not own an Xbox One at the moment. I’m definitely liking that Microsoft is starting to bring the PC community and the Xbox community a bit closer together.

The is no word on when K.I. will be released on PC just yet.

Gears of War Ultimate Will be on PC 

The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson announced that Gears of War Ultimate Editon will be on PC during the PC game show at E3. This really isn’t that much of a surprise since the first time this game came out, Gears was also on PC. None of the sequels made it, however. There is now word on whether the game will feature cross platform play or not. There was also no mention of whether Gears 4 will appear on PC at this time.