The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gets a New Game Plus mode Soon

thegeekdojo.wordpress.comOne of the best games of 2015 so far is getting even better. CD Projekt Red just announced on their Facebook page that The Witcher 3 will be getting a new game plus mode. This is perfect for people like myself that want to play it again at some point in the future. Just like all of the previously released DLC, it will be free. There is no word on when it will come out, because it is still in development, but it should be pretty soon.

This game just keeps getting better and better.

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What are ya Playin’ this Weekend?


It’s the weekend again gamers! Hopefully you’re able to get plenty of game time in.

I will once again be continuing my journey in The Witcher 3. I thought I was going to finish it last weekend, but the game is definitely longer than I thought it was. I’m not complaining though.

I will also be playing some more Heroes of the Storm and Ultra Street Fighter on PS4.

Thats enough about me, tell me about you. What are you playing this weekend?

What are ya Playin’ This Weekend?

Its finally here again gamers! It’s the weekend and hopefully you can get plenty of game time in.

I will hopefully be finishing up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt this weekend. This should be the last weekend of it, because I am pretty close to the end. I’m getting anxious to see how it ends.

I will also be fitting in some Heroes of the Storm. If you just so happened to read my first impressions post (you can do so here) then you know that I was hesitant to take my talents online. Well I did 2 days ago and I’m not as bad as I thought I would be! I have at least 5 wins under my belt!

That’s enough about me, what about you? What are you playing this weekend? Share in the comment section below. 

It’s the Weekend!

What are you playing this weekend? 

I myself will be continuing my journey in The Witcher 3. I may even fit some Mortal Kombat time in as well. 

Anyways, enough about me, what game(s) do you have lined up to play this weekend?