What are ya Playin’ This Weekend?


Happy weekend gamers! I hope you get plenty of gaming in on this fine weekend.

I will be playing Kingdom Hearts 2.8. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far as I make my way through Dream Drop Distance. I will also be playing Pokemon Moon and get plenty of Overwatch time in.

That’s enough about me, what about you? What are you playing this weekend? Sound off in the comments below.

My Top 5 Video Games of 2016

Another year down, more video games to countdown. There was plenty to play in the year of 2016, but unfortunately I cannot play them all. Here are 5 of my most definite favorites though. Lets start with some honorable mentions:

Street Fighter V: Street Fighter V just missed the cut because it got off to a rough start. It got pushed out to the public a bit early and ultimately was an unfinished product. Capcom has been working hard to fix some of the issues with it and its now shaping up to be a pretty great game. The future of Street Fighter V is looking bright.

Dark Souls 3: I’ve never been that big of a fan of this series, but I was able to have quite a bit of fun with DS3. It wont make me like the Souls games over Bloodborne though. Still hoping a sequel will be made.

And the FINAL honorable mention goes to Final Fantasy XV. FFXV is a fantastic game, but it left more to be desired from me. We do know that Square-Enix has future DLC plans for the game, which is exciting.

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What Are Ya Playin’ This Weekend?

It’s finally here again gamers! It’s the weekend and I hope you are able to get plenty of game time in.


I will be playing quite a bit of Overwatch. That game has my undivided attention for the most part. I will also be playing Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel. I took a bit of a break from it back in February shortly after Street Fighter V came out. I dove back into it within this past week and I hate that I stopped playing. It is a very good RPG.


That’s enough about me, what about you? What are you playing this weekend? Sound off in the comment section.

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Overwatch Releases May 24th. Open Beta on May 3rd.


Blizzard’s next big game is coming a bit sooner that expected. Originally pegged for a June 2016 release date, Blizzard gave Overwatch an official release date of May 24th.

An open beta is planned to take place between May 5th-9th. If you pre-order Overwatch, you and a friend can get into the open beta a couple of days early on May 3rd. The open beta will be available for all platforms; PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Check out battle.net for more info.

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Cross Your Fingers and Hope You Can Play Overwatch This Weekend


The first Overwatch, invite only,  beta test weekend starts this Friday. It will run from Friday, November 20th through Monday, November 23. Blizzard will be letting in “a lot” more players from the American and European regions.

Accounts will be flagged this Thursday, November 19th, during a scheduled maintenance. If you get flagged, it would be wise to go ahead and install the game so when the servers go live on Friday, you can just jump in.

Check out the Overwatch Blog for more details.

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Take a Look at the new Heroes of the Storm Arena Mode

Blizzard has a revealed a new way to play with the addition of the new Arena mode for Heroes of the Storm. It looks to be a all out brawl mode with no objectives, similar to Smite’s arena mode. Everyone can even play as the same hero in the arena. Check out the trailer below. There is even some shade thrown at IGN. Pay attention to see if you can spot it.

There is no word on when this mode will drop yet, but I suspect “soon.”

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The Prices For Overwatch Have Been Officially Announced. Tracer Coming to Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard announced at Blizzcon that the base price, on PC only, will be $40. The premium version “Origins,” will come with character skins and some “digital goodies.” Overwatch Origins will be available for PC, XB1, and PS4 for a price of $60. Both version will include a total of 21 heroes and I’m sure more will be added as dlc.

Look for Overwatch to drop Spring 2016. Here is a new trailer for the Origins edition.

Source: Overwatch

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Hearthstone Gets a New Adventure Add-On Next Week

The title is League of Explorers and it comes out next Thursday. A lot of new stuff is included as well. Here is a rundown of whats included straight from the website.

  • New Cards: The League of Explorers contains 4 wings packed with fiendish bosses, puzzling traps, and ancient mysteries for you to discover. When you overcome a boss or an encounter for the first time, you will earn brand-new cards for your collection!
  • Legendary: When you defeat all the challenges in a wing for the first time, you will be rewarded with that wing’s legendary card – for example, Elise Starseeker!
  • Class Challenges: The League of Explorers also includes nine all-new class challenges that task you with using a special pre-built deck to prove your skill. Succeed, and the new class cards are yours.
  • New Game Boards: Immerse yourself in the adventure with all-new playing fields!
  • Meet the League: Make friends with renowned explorer and fearless dwarven historian Brann Bronzebeard and the other members of the League of Explorers: dashing treasure hunter extraordinaire Reno Jackson, brilliant night elf scholar Elise Starseeker, and gentleman (gentle-fish?) murloc adventurer Sir Finley Mrrgglton!
  • New Keyword: The League of Explorers introduces a new keyword that lets you do some digging of your own: Discover! You’ll treasure the opportunity to dig up cards and select the one you need the most!
  • Heroic Mode: If you’re ready for a challenge, you can try taking on the Heroic Mode version of any mission that you’ve cleared. This extra-tough game mode is designed for players eager to test their puzzle-solving skills against incredibly powerful opponents. Bring your best deck and your sharp wits.

Source: The League of Explorers

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