Fallout 4 Launch Trailer Released Today

The trailer shows off some of the apocalyptic world we will be exploring. You will also see some of the NPCs that you will encounter throughout the game. This can be a little spoil worthy if you want to keep a lot of this a surprise so watch at your own will. Check out the trailer below.

Fallout 4 drops Tuesday November 10th for PS4, XB1, and PC.

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Fallout 4 Comes Out November 10th

The rumors of getting Fallout 4 this year turned out to be true! Bethesda confirmed it earlier this evening during their BE3 press conference. The collector’s edition will include a real Pip-Boy that works with your phone!

Fallout 4 will appear on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out the gameplay demo below.

If you own an iOS device and just need something to do with Fallout right now, you can download Fallout Shelter. You  run a shelter to keep all you little shelter people happy. It looks like a fun little time waster.


Please Stand By, A Fallout 4 Reveal is Coming.

faallout 4

The highly anticipated, next iteration of the Fallout series is going to be revealed tomorrow and just ahead of E3. The idea of this game being real has been driving the gaming universe mad with fake teasers from fans, but it can’t get more official than this. Bethesda put up an obvious teaser site today with a countdown timer. We shall know more tomorrow, but for now you can check out the teaser site for yourself here.