This Guy Makes Hwoarang’s Moves Look Easy

He is Eric Jacobus, a professional stuntman. He was even Striker from Mortal Kombat legacy, which is excellent by the way.


In this amazing video, Jacobus uses his amazing athletic ability to perfectly replicates Tekken’s,¬†Hwoarang fighting moves.¬†Hwoarang’s movelist from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to be more specific.

Eric Jacobud makes me want to pick up a martial art sometime very soon. He’s truly a sight to behold. Check out the video below.

Source: Eventhubs

Come to the Dark Side With This Darth Vader Inspired PS4


The system will be available November 17th and will be available in two different bundles. For the hardcore gamers, you can pick up the Star Wars: Battlefront bundle. If you want the system with a more family friendly game, then you can pick up the Disney Infinity 3.0 bundle.  

The system itself has a 500gb hdd and comes with a custom themed controller as well. If you’re a huge Star Wars fan and in the market for a PS4 later this year, this is the one to get. I, for one, would at least like the controller. Check out Playstation Blog for more info on the bundles.

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This Version of Mario is so Unreal

A developer named Aryoksini recently uploaded a video of Mario wondering around in a world built from the Unreal Engine. The results are fantastic. It’s interesting to see a mush more realistic take on Mario. Aryoksini even showcases a more colorful environment for some, like myself, who couldn’t take the colorful Mario in such a realistic world. Check out the video below.

His YouTube channel about section says that he is available for hiring. Somebody hire this guy immediately!

Source: aryoksini