Here Are Some Awesome New Details on the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

The beta will be open for four days on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 8th-October 12th. There will be three different game modes to chose from: Walker Assault, Drop Zone, and Survival Mission. Walker Assault and Survival Mission will require a internet connection to play, but if you want to get some couch co-op fun, then you can start up Survival Mission.

A leveling system will also be included. You can level your character up to level 5, but sadly that progression doesn’t carry over to the full game in November. There will be some in game items and such you can unlock for the final game though.

The best part about this news is you do not have to register or pre-order anything. When the beta goes live next month, all you have to do in download the application, and play.

The full Star Wars: Battlefront game come out November 17, 2015

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