What Are Ya Playin’ This Weekend?


Hello and Happy Halloween gamers! It’s also the weekend and I hope you are able to get some game time in as well.

If I have time between the 2 parties I will be attending this weekend, I will try and play some Battleborn. The queue times have been ridiculously long but I want to see if I can break though this weekend. I still have my fingers crossed in hopes that I get into the Overwatch beta as well, otherwise I will be playing some Destiny, Heroes of the Storm and possibly some Halo 5. My feelings about Halo 5 are still up in the air.

I may return to my play through of The Evil Within. We’ll see though. P.T. ruined me.

That’s enough about me, what about you? What are you playing this weekend?

No Man’s Sky Gets a New Gameplay Trailer and a Release Date


No Man’s sky officially comes out June 2016. No exact date but it’s a date. There were rumors that the PC/PS4 exclusive could be coming out this year, but after numerous appearances by Sean Murray, Hello Games head honch, with no official date info to give, we pretty much all got the message. On another note, we were graced with a new trailer and it shows off the combat side of No Man’s sky. Check out the video below.

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Street Fighter V Gets a Release Date. Dhalsim Also Revealed.


The fire breathing Yoga master is back.

At Sony’s Paris Games Week conference today, Street Fighter V was shown off with a new video, a new character reveal featuring Dhalsim, and given a new release date of February 16th 2016. A bit earlier than the place holder of March 2016. The earlier the better I say.

Dhalsim looks older in this game sporting a white beard. He also wears a turbine, but he still has the tattooed markings on his skin, the skull necklace, and the yellow shorts. Check out the video below to see how he plays. There are also some screenshots of Dhalsim after the jump.

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Street Fighter V Beta Part Deux is Live!

The Street Fighter V beta has returned for its second of 3 betas before the final release of the game in Spring 2016. The beta will run October 21st-25th and will include cross play between PS4 and PC players. The PS4 version is live now, but the PC version won’t go online until the 23rd.

The roster in beta 2 include: Ken, Necalli, Vega, and R. Mika. Newcomer Rashid and Karin will be added on the 23rd. Capcom will be testing out ranked matchmaking, leaderboards, and player profile search. The in game currency, Fight Money, has been included too. As you play and earn more Fight Money, you can unlock different items such as one of the new stages included in the beta.

Capcom, and I as well, want to remind you that this is in fact a beta so there will be bugs and disconnects will happen. I have already gotten a little bit of time in with Vega. The beta does seems to run a lot smoother than last time. I played in training mode for about 15 minutes until I was ultimately disconnected.

Here is the tentative schedule for beta 2:

10/21/15 18:00 PST (10/22 02:00 BST/10:00 JST) – The second SFV beta begins for PS4 users. Characters available: Ken, Necalli, Vega, R. Mika

10/22/15 14:00 PST (22:00 BST/ 10/23 06:00 JST) – Servers down for scheduled maintenance for 12 hours.

10/23/15 02:00 PST (10:00 BST/18:00 JST) – Servers back online. Rashid unlocked.

10/23/15 09:00 PST (17:00 BST/ 10/24 01:00 JST) – The second SFV beta begins for both PC and PS4 users (cross-platform play).

10/23/15 17:00 PST (10/24 01:00 BST/09:00 JST) – Karin unlocked.

10/24/15 04:00 PST (12:00 BST/20:00 JST) – Servers down for scheduled maintenance for 10 hours.

10/24/15 14:00 PST (22:00 BST/ 10/25 06:00 JST) – Servers back online.

10/25/15 16:00 PST (10/26 0:00 BST/ 08:00 JST) – Beta 2 concludes.

Enjoy Street Fighter fans!

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The Overwatch Beta Finally Gets a Release Date.


Blizzard, Blizzard, Blizzard. Boy oh boy do they know how to tease. I’m pretty sure if you look up the word tease, Blizzard Entertainment would be mentioned. After months of gameplay videos, character reveals, and telling everyone that the beta is coming “soon,” (thats another Blizzard word that can be looked up) we finally have a release date for the hotly anticipated team based shooter. That date is October 27th, which is not to far from now!

Unfortunately, it is a closed beta to begin with. Blizzard will pick a select few to participate in the beta, but there is hope for those who may not be that lucky. There will be stress test held only on weekends, eventually so many other people can try it out as well. As of now, there is no word on when the open beta will start. I’m sure that will start “soon.”

I have been signed up since registration opened late last year so I will keep my fingers crossed in hopes that I get in. If you are not signed up, you can sign up here and pray to Blizzard that you get in.

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The Hunt is on in the Halo 5 Trailer


Microsoft released the launch trailer for Halo 5 this week just to make sure you are good and hyped well ahead of the release date. The trailer really gets going when Knights of Cydonia by Muse starts playing. The battle between Spartan Locke and Master Chief is going to be epic. October 27th can’t get here soon enough. Check out the trailer below.

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What Are ya Playin’ This Weekend?

It’s finally here again gamers! It’s the weekend and I hope you are able to get plenty of game time in.

My gaming schedule is pretty much the same as last week. I will be playing plenty of Destiny. The game definitely has me hooked once again. I’m almost to the recommended raid light level of 290 so hopefully I can hit that this weekend. I’ll also be playing some Metal Gear Solid V and maybe returning to Heroes of the Storm. I haven’t played HotS in quite some time. 

That enough about me, what about you? What are you playing this weekend? 

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