Street Fighter V’s Next DLC Character is Kolin

Kolin is otherwise known as Gill’s personal assistant from Street Fighter 3. She has ice based powers and quite a few combos, similar to Karin. Channeling straight from the Capcom Unity blog:

“After working in the shadows for Gill and the secret Illuminati organization, Kolin makes her Street Fighter V debut. First appearing in Street Fighter III, Kolin works behind the scenes in order to fulfill the Prophecy of Miraha and stop any who dare stand in Gill’s way. She is typically calm and collected, but can suddenly fly into a rage when anybody threatens Gill and his plans. Spoiler-alert, she resurrects Nash and uses him as a pawn too, showing she will do anything to achieve her goals.”

Kolin will be available February 28th. Check out her reveal trailer below featuring a new song from hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco.

Check out the Capcom Unity blog for all the extra details, such as fighting style, v-trigger, v-skill, and costumes for Kolin.

Source: Capcom Unity

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Top 4 Most Needed Characters For Street Fighter 5


We already know the six upcoming characters to be added post Street Fighter 5’s release date. Those characters are Urien, Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, and Juri, to refresh your memory. They will be added over the course of the year in 2016.

We now know that there will be a 2nd wave of characters that will more than likely span from late 2016 into 2017. We could definitely have at least 30 or more characters by the end of 2017. Continue reading

New Street Fighter V Mechanics, Stages, Screen Shots, and Video Released Today

Capcom has released a new video about Street Fighter V today and it explains the new V-Gauge and V-Skill mechanic.

According to the latest issue of‘s gaming magazine, as you take damage during a match the V-Gauge fills. Using some of your V-Gauge, you can do special moves like the double fireball Chun-li throws in previous videos.

We’ve also learned about the new V-SKill mechanic. This is more of a defensive mechanic that allows certain characters to parry, deflect projectiles.

Special moves have also gotten a name change. Called Ultras in SFIV, in SFV they are called Critical Arts. These special moves are activated by a full EX gauge and are still the flashy, dynamic camera, multi-hit combo moves that we all know and love.

Last but not least, 2 new stages are now known: China and London’s King Cross Station. King’s Cross Station can be seen in a flurry of beautiful new screen shots after the jump.

Street Fighter V arrives on PC and PS4 March 2016


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Ultra Street Fighter IV’s PS4 Update Has Gone Live

Sony has released the first update for USF4 today after it’s rocky start last week. According to the patch notes, the menu lag, Guile’s invisible Sonic Boom, Decapre’s teleport glitch, and more have been fixed. 

Something that wasn’t mentioned, apparently, is the increase in input lag. Reported last week by Display Lag, the input lag had been increased by 2 frames when being compared to the lackluster PS3 version. 

Other Ocean had promised they fixed the latency issue, but with last weeks release that was determined as false. This patch is a start, but I really hope that they are continuing to fix this game to deter upset fans over such a lousy port. Evo pulling this version from its upcoming competition wasn’t good for them either. 


Ultra Street Fighter IV Has a Rocky Start on PS4

Well it’s really too common of a story these days. Almost every game that comes out has some kind of issue of some sort. Players are reporting some lag in offline game modes, net code issues online, menu lag and sound bugs.

From my initial impression, I haven’t had any problems really. I’ve definitely noticed the laggy menus. The only sound bug I’ve noticed is the announcer didn’t say the name of the winner after I defeated my friend. I’ve had a little bit of online lag mainly due to the opponents connection, but every other match I’ve played has been great.

Other that those troubles, the gameplay runs just fine. The game feels fantastic at 1080p 60fps. The color and textures look great as well with the graphical upgrade of being on PS4.

As of now, there is no update on a new patch for the game, but hopefully there is one sooner that later. Like before Evo, maybe?

Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Version To Support PS3 Fight Sticks

Good news for us Street Fighter fans! Fans that played on PS3 won’t have to ditch their PS3 fight sticks. You will be able to use that same fight stick on the PS4 without missing a beat. Lab Zero, of Skullgirls fame, has partnered with Sony to create the drivers for this to be possible.

Ultra Street Fighter IV exclusively hits the PlayStation store on Tuesday the 26th.

via: PlayStation blog

Street Fighter V’s M. Bison Looks Fantastic

M. Bison is back and looks better and older than ever. His design has changed up a bit, but nothing too drastic. He looks to still have his signature red suit on that he has dawned since SFII with the addition of a trench coat for a bit of flair. (woo!) Something that really stands out is the fact that Bison is going gray. It looks like this game will in fact take place after Street Fighter 3.

It looks like Capcom has retained all of Bison’s unique move set that he is known for, such as the psycho crusher and the head stomp. He also has some new moves, that can be seen in the trailer, like a projectile shot. It looks a lot different from his projectile shot in the Alpha series.

There is a lot more to see in the reveal trailer below. Check it out

We can expect Street Fighter V to arrive March of 2016 only on PS4 and PC.