Ultra Street Fighter IV Has a Rocky Start on PS4

Well it’s really too common of a story these days. Almost every game that comes out has some kind of issue of some sort. Players are reporting some lag in offline game modes, net code issues online, menu lag and sound bugs.

From my initial impression, I haven’t had any problems really. I’ve definitely noticed the laggy menus. The only sound bug I’ve noticed is the announcer didn’t say the name of the winner after I defeated my friend. I’ve had a little bit of online lag mainly due to the opponents connection, but every other match I’ve played has been great.

Other that those troubles, the gameplay runs just fine. The game feels fantastic at 1080p 60fps. The color and textures look great as well with the graphical upgrade of being on PS4.

As of now, there is no update on a new patch for the game, but hopefully there is one sooner that later. Like before Evo, maybe?

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