Street Fighter V’s M. Bison Looks Fantastic

M. Bison is back and looks better and older than ever. His design has changed up a bit, but nothing too drastic. He looks to still have his signature red suit on that he has dawned since SFII with the addition of a trench coat for a bit of flair. (woo!) Something that really stands out is the fact that Bison is going gray. It looks like this game will in fact take place after Street Fighter 3.

It looks like Capcom has retained all of Bison’s unique move set that he is known for, such as the psycho crusher and the head stomp. He also has some new moves, that can be seen in the trailer, like a projectile shot. It looks a lot different from his projectile shot in the Alpha series.

There is a lot more to see in the reveal trailer below. Check it out

We can expect Street Fighter V to arrive March of 2016 only on PS4 and PC.

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