The Witcher 3’s First Expansion Hits in October

The first expansion, titled Hearts of Stone, adds 10 more hours to the core Witcher 3 game. The new expansion includes a new storyline shaped by your choices, unique romances, powerful monsters, and new characters.The expansion will be released digitally, BUT wait there is more!

The will also be a physical, limited edition Heart of Stone box edition at select retailers worldwide. The box will include a download code for the expansion, two physical decks of Gwent, and a manual to explain the the rules of Gwent. The Heart of Stone box will cost $19.99.

Gamers that purchase the expansion digitally will be able to purchase the card decks separately. The Heart of Stone comes out October 13. Check out the teaser trailer below along with a few screen shots.

11145101_10153267551684331_6919766864420244014_o 11999622_10153267551029331_2398089906714140771_o12001056_10153267547369331_7459148392836489103_o

Source: The Witcher Facebook page

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