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Hi, I’m Jeff and welcome to the The Geek Dojo Weekly for the week of May 20th 2021! This is a weekly video games newsletter featuring my top stories of the week. 

Returnal may get a save feature, Summer Games Fest is ready to roll, and free Palestine! Let’s get into the news.

IGN Management Pulls Article Supporting Palestine Aid Groups, IGN Staff responds

Via: Kotaku

IGN editorial staff came together and posted an article with ways to support Palestine, earlier this week. The article originally went up on May 15th and was taken down without IGN’s editorial staff’s permission on May 16th. A public statement from IGN was not given until the early morning hours of May 17th. The content was removed because it was, “not in-line with our intent of trying to show support for all people impacted by tragic events. By highlighting only on population, the post mistakenly left the impression that we were politically aligned with one side.”

This enraged IGN’s editorial staff and they responded with an open letter over on Medium.

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My Most Anticipated Games of E3 2018


E3 2018 has officially come to a close. It smacked us right in the face with plenty of new game announcements, game previews, some solid press conferences, and some not so solid press conferences. *cough cough* Square Enix *cough cough* Now begins the hard part of waiting for these new games to actually release to the public! Here are 10 that I am impatiently waiting for the most:

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