Capcom Details Alex and The Street Fighter V Big March Update

Capcom details all that is coming up in the update via a blog post over on Capcom Unity.

Alex is a grappling character that originally appeared in Street Fighter 3. He’s back in Street Fighter V and looks to do some big damage on the rest of the SFV roster. 

“In Street Fighter V, Alex returns as a powerful grappler that can inflict big damage with his close range Power Bomb command grab and his long limbs to fight from midrange distances. The threat doesn’t end there however, as Alex has a variety of special attacks that can cover a large portion of the screen for those times when the opponent keeps him out. Players looking for a methodical grappler who can do big burst damage up close, yet still do well at midrange, will find themselves perfectly at home with Alex”

Alex has a V-Trigger called  Overhaul. He does a stretching motion to power up his next attack as a hard hit and damages the opponent as if they were counter attacked. His V-Trigger is called Rage Shift:

“Alex channels his wrestling training and gains access to a brand new clothesline attack. This attack can be charged and during that time, it can parry an attack. Upon full charge, if Alex makes contact with a blocking opponent, he will break their guard, leaving them open to an immediate attack.”

Alex will be available when the March Update goes live later this month. He will be readily available for season pass owners, but it you have enough Fight Money, SFV’s in game currency, you can get him for free.

New modes included in the free update are a Challenge Mode, Trails Mode, The In-Game shop, an Online Rematch Option, 8 person battle lounge lobbies, bug fixes and gameplay improvements.There is no mention of an arcade mode in the blog post at all, but hopefully one will come sooner rather than later. There is no exact date on when the update will go live.

Check out Capcom Unity for more details on the March Update.

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