EVO 2016 Lifts Ban on DualShock 4 Controllers

Pad players rejoice! Competitors will have a bit more freedom when deciding what device they want to use. DualShock controllers were originally banned due to their bluetooth capabilities, but with that said there are some rules if you choose to go this route.

DualShock users must make sure their controller is no longer synced to the system. This will make sure that no one interferes with competition. Anyone that does not follow this rule with be disqualified from the tournament.

If you prefer DualShock controller and would like to compete on the biggest stage in fighting games, make sure you get your practice in. If you’re unsure on how to desync your controller from a PS4, check out the video below.

EVO 2016 takes place July 15-17 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: Shoyuken

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