Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Recap

Nintendo just aired the final dedicated Super Smash Brothers Nintendo Direct earlier this evening. Here are the highlights of what you missed.

Corrin Chooses to Smash!

Corrin, the main character of Fire Emblem Fates is coming to Smash. You can select Corrin to be a female or male, similar to Robin. Corrin also can transform into a dragon for certain attacks and turn into a full on dragon for his final smash attack.

Corrin will be available February 2016 for $4.99. $5.99 for WiiU and 3DS bundle. There will also be a Corrin Amiibo available at some point in 2016.

Cloud and the Awesome New Midgar Stage Are Available Today!

If you are able to at least. I’m sure the Nintendo Servers are being pushed to the limit and may break. (See what I did there?)

The Cloud and Midgar stage bundle will cost $5.99. $6.99 for the WiiU and 3DS bundle. There will also be a Cloud Amiibo sometime in 2016.

Bayonetta Gets Wicked!

The worldwide Smash ballot winner is the final DLC character to be added to the Smash Bros roster. She will also have a dedicated stage, along with a couple of costumes and color variations.

Bayonetta will be available February 2016. There will also be a Bayonetta Amiibo sometime in 2016.

New Mii Costumes!

There are a number of new Mii costumes coming to the game as well.

Those were just the highlights but you can watch the entire presentation below. Now I’m going to go see if Cloud is available to download.

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