Street Fighter V Gets a Release Date. Dhalsim Also Revealed.

The fire breathing Yoga master is back.

At Sony’s Paris Games Week conference today, Street Fighter V was shown off with a new video, a new character reveal featuring Dhalsim, and given a new release date of February 16th 2016. A bit earlier than the place holder of March 2016. The earlier the better I say.

Dhalsim looks older in this game sporting a white beard. He also wears a turbine, but he still has the tattooed markings on his skin, the skull necklace, and the yellow shorts. Check out the video below to see how he plays. There are also some screenshots of Dhalsim after the jump.

887558_10153799207917147_206179169023964038_o 905965_10153799207642147_3459623478217949348_o 12182687_10153799207937147_9033169909363881405_o 12183889_10153799208167147_941564817179795238_o 12185150_10153799207647147_9154493964794915603_o 12186239_10153799208142147_1704858321785345872_o 12186690_10153799207897147_1369899470706629625_o 12189257_10153799207652147_5315883833628952874_o 12189360_10153799207922147_5023582751259537981_o 12189462_10153799208137147_5253860855516899463_o 12194627_10153799208152147_8773721302086139636_o 12194843_10153799207637147_4015436279496802019_o

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