Green Man Gaming Summer Sale Starts Today

As if I needed another video game sale to drain my wallet.

Each day of the Green Man Gaming Summer Sale will have a different theme. Today’s theme is Day of the Dead which features a handful of worthy zombie titles like The Walking Dead, and Resident Evil. The sale will be going on for the next 2 weeks so you have plenty of time to procrastinate on what game(s) you will get.

You can also use the code GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF to get 20% off of your purchase at checkout. Head on over to to buy so games!

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Ken is Officially in Street Fighter V


After much speculation that he could possibly not be in the game, Ken was officially revealed today at the San Diego Comic Con. A reveal trailer was shown during the Street Fighter V panel and was met with great praise.

Ken looks a bit different this time around sporting a new hairdo and an exposed compression shirt under his martial arts gi. His moves look just as fast as ever with some devastating combos and a spinning kick that hearken back to his Marvel Vs. Capcom days. After watching the trailer, I can already image the number of Kens i will run into during online play. Check out the reveal trailer below.

The hype is real ladies and gentlemen.

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Here Are 18 Glorious Minutes of No Man’s Sky

IGN First’s game of the month is No Man’s Sky and they recently got to sit with the creator, Sean Murray, to give a more in dept look of the game. Some of the highlights include animal discovery and being able to name the animals what ever you want, mining, and also weapon upgrades. We also get to see the seamless transition from planet to space and vise-versa. Sean Murray even tells us what the main objective of the game is for players, but I wont spoil that. Watch the video for yourself to find out.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

There is still no word on when No Man’s Sky will grace the PC and PS4 just yet, but hopefully this year.

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Keiji Inafune and his Team at Comcept Are at it Again

After finishing up Mighty No. 9, Inafune and his team are on to their next project, Red Ash – The Indelible Legend. With what is being called the spiritual successor to Mega-Man Legends, (no thanks to Capcom, but that’s another story for another day) Red Ash takes place in a near-future, sci-fi, anime inspired world. Inafune really emphasizes that he wants players to feel like they are exploring an anime world and to question is the world “is this earth or not.”

Red Ash is up on Kickstarter now so if you want another Mega-Man Legends game like I do, then you should back it. Check out the neat pledge video below too. Keiji and his team show off some concept art, a concept cut scene is shown off along with the main cast and even a character with a name that is yet to be revealed.

Green Man Gaming 20% Off Code

Green Man Gaming - Load, Play, Trade !

Hey gamers! I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend. If you don’t live in the U.S. then I hope you had a great weekend. Now if you’re looking to save a little bit of money this week on a video game purchase, then why not head on over to Green Man Gaming! You can get 20% knocked off of your purchase by using the code GRAB20-PERCNT-OFFNOW. The code is good until Thursday July 10th so click on the image and go buy yourself something!

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Would you Just Look at the Box Art For Super Mario Maker

geekdojosmmboxartNow would you just look at how good that looks. The make your own Mario game will also come with a hardcover art book to commemorate the 30 years our favorite Italian super plumber has been around. Just like Nintendo made the box for Mario Kart 8 red, the box for Mario Maker is also red. I personally love it and it just makes me feel all nostalgic about the old Nintendo days. I will definitely be picking this game up. How about you?

Look for Super Mario Maker to hit store shelves on September 11th 2015.

Source: IGN