Keiji Inafune and his Team at Comcept Are at it Again

After finishing up Mighty No. 9, Inafune and his team are on to their next project, Red Ash – The Indelible Legend. With what is being called the spiritual successor to Mega-Man Legends, (no thanks to Capcom, but that’s another story for another day) Red Ash takes place in a near-future, sci-fi, anime inspired world. Inafune really emphasizes that he wants players to feel like they are exploring an anime world and to question is the world “is this earth or not.”

Red Ash is up on Kickstarter now so if you want another Mega-Man Legends game like I do, then you should back it. Check out the neat pledge video below too. Keiji and his team show off some concept art, a concept cut scene is shown off along with the main cast and even a character with a name that is yet to be revealed.

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