Humble Bundle Crosses Over to Consoles

The wonderful folks over at Humble Bundle have partnered up with Nintendo on the latest offering of indie games. You can pay what you want to get Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Mighty Switch Force, and Woah Dave! If you pay more than the average you unlock 3 more games: OlliOlli, The Fall, and Moon Chronicles. Pay more than $10 you get everything aforementioned, Stealth Inc. 2, and Steam World Dig. That’s quite a few games for $10 dollars!

The best part about Humble Bundle is you have a choice in deciding where your money goes. You can give all of the money to Humble Bundle’s featured non profit organization, give all your money to the game developers, or portion it out between developers and charity.

This deal gives hope that Humble Bundle will also work with Sony and Microsoft in the future for more awesome indie deals. If you have a Nintendo system head over to Humble Bundle to support a great cause and get some great games.

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