The Demon Himself, Akuma, Will Grace Street Fighter V on December 20th

Even though Yoshinori Ono tried to steer us away from thinking Akuma was going to be playable in SFV, to nobody’s surprise Akuma will be playable in SFV. A reveal trailer was shown off at PlayStation Experience, this past weekend.

Akuma, and his lion mane, will be available on the 20th of this month. He will be the first season 2 dlc chracter.

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New English Trailer for Persona 5

Person 5 may have gotten delayed for the 1000th time for western audiences, but Atlus has come through with a new English trailer to help ease the pain. It doesn’t get rid of all the pain, but I will be able to sleep a little better at night knowing that it does still exist. Japan says its really good. Check out the trailer below.

Hopefully it wont get delayed again, but look for Persona 5 to hit stores sometime in April of 2017.

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Shovel Knight is Getting More Free DLC

The third campaign will feature Specter Knight, a boss in the original Shovel Knight campaign. There is no word on when the DLC will be available, but Yacht Club Games says to expect it “sooner than the wait between Shovel Knight and Plague Knight.”

More DLC is in development as well. The King Knight, Body Swap, and Battle Mode will be available at some point in the future. All DLC will be 100% free.

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Kojima Explains Why He Chose to Partner With Sony

Kojima explained his reasoning in a recent exclusive interview with IGN. It all boils down to familiarity. “We know each other well,” he says. “I feel like this is an environment where I will be able to make something and feel comfortable.” Considering what he went through at Konami, I’m sure really appreciates that feeling.

Hideo Kojima has developed a strong bond with Sony for over a decade now. He even mentions the trust he has developed with Sony over the years and how they have helped him with his global recognition. “With Sony PlayStation, they make their content globally. It’s thanks to Sony that I was able to make a splash in the global market.”

Check out the interview below to hear Kojima speak on it himself.

Kojima officially left Konami this past Wednesday. His new company, Kojima Productions, is already underway and he has confirmed that he is working on a new exclusive project for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: IGN

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Ermahgerd the Final Fantasy VII Remake is Looking Fantastic


Great job Square. You’re on to something here.

The new game play trailer was released today at the Sony PlayStation Experience and it looks gorgeous. The battle system is in real time, comparable to the FFXV system. Check out the video below as much as you would like.

The Final Fantasy VII PC port to PS4 is also available today. There is no word on when the FFVII remake will come out just yet.

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Mega Man Legends is Coming to PSN

Here is some exciting news. Capcom is finally giving fans what they want and is releasing Mega Man Legends to the PlayStation network store. There are not really any details about how this is finally happening, but I and many other Blue Bomber fans are very excited to say the least.

Mega Man Legends will arrive next week on the September 29th at $9.99, a far cry from the prices you see on eBay, and will be available to play on PS3 and PS Vita. Now I and many can finally play it with out having to pay a ridiculous collectors price! I need to go charge my Vita.

Source: Capcom Unity

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What Are ya Playin’ This Weekend?

It’s finally here again gamer! It’s the weekend and hopefully you are able to get plenty of game time in.

I will be checking out GTAV’s new free mode events. The events looks pretty fun judging from the trailer so I will definitely be hopping online to try them out. I may even try to finally do a heist. I don’t have enough friends to play it but I may try to do it with randoms. I will also be playing Metal Gear Solid V, and Heroes of the Storm of course.

That’s enough about me, what about you? What are you playing this weekend? Tell me in the comments below!

Persona 5 Continues to Impress, But is Also Delayed

Atlus has released a new trailer for Persona 5 and it looks incredible. The trailer was shown off at Tokyo Game Show where Atlus also announced that the game has been pushed into 2016.

The setting takes place in a big city, which is more than likely Tokyo. In the trailer, we really get to see some of the gameplay and activities you may do throughout the game like martial art training or turning into cats…yea, I said that right. The trailer is also filled with some of the things you will do outside of your daily student life routine such as battling demons with you persona.

Atlus continues to be very quiet about P5 as far as the story goes, but it looks like you are some type of costumed, demon fighting world traveler judging from the opening cinematic and the trailer as a whole. Hopefully we will get an English version soon. Check out the trailer below.

Expect Persona 5 sometime in  2016.

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